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Diary File Format



Start the document with a double equality sign. Padding whitespaces will be trimmed.

== Title


name required? description
type required “calendar ” + version
start required date this diary relates to as first day
count_from optional 0 or 1 to set the counting of the first day (Default: 1)
type: calendar v01a
start: 1994-03-07

Days & Post

Days may contain as many posts as one wishes. They start with an equality sign followed by a date (e.g. 2015-03-17) or an increment in relation to the start date (e.g. Day 1230).


Entry syntax may vary by the features the parsing application is offering. Also extensions might add additional syntax.

#tags and @Person_references are expected to be detected. Users are supposed to be replaced by underscores. Dots and whitespaces end a tag. Tags and other references are case insensitive.


== Chris's Diary
type: calendar v01a
start: 1994-03-07

= 2015-03-16
 #seminar for the #IHK_exams. Today's topics were #SQL and #project_planning.
 Bought the #manga #accel_world volume 1.
 Finished watching #K-On! #series season 2.
 Started watching #The_Big_Bang_Theory #series in English.
 Thought about a #diary #pc_project.
 Read the #manga #accel_world chapter 1.

= 2015-03-17
 Last day of the #seminar for the #IHK_exams. Today's topics were #SQL and #project_planning.
 Made notes on the #diary #pc_project.
 Watched two episodes of the #series Video Game High School.
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