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Rocky cooks

Serious cooking in a kitchen


The making of Rocky cooks is more complex than Lucky Rocky. A video contains a lot of short clips. Also cooking brings in a factor of time and having scenes one cannot simply redo. That's why I didn't make the video of August 2015 all by myself. My brother helped cooking and playing Rocky in a few scenes.

Video description

August 2015

For August the snappy tortoise Rocky tries something new: cooking! And - to say the least - does quite well.

Diesen August probiert die schnappende Schildkröte Rocky etwas Neues aus: Kochen! Dieses Vorhaben gelingt ihr sogar ziemlich gut.

Ingredients (Zutaten):
 * wild garlic noodles (Bärlauchnudeln)
 * brown mushrooms (Champignons)
 * parseley (Petersilie)
 * citrus oil (Zitronen Öl)
 * onions (Zwiebeln)
 * garlic (Knoblauch)

Song: "Dancing on Green Grass" by The Green Orbs
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