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Ideas for future episodes

  • does Rocky hibernate during winter?
    • preproduce episodes to air during winter
    • winter themed episodes in a warm spot (unhealthy)

Lucky Rocky

  • bet on the content
    • yes/no questions on the content before unboxing (Rocky has to guess and nods or not)
  • 'Rocky opens the door for a mailman
    • no real mailman (eg. ask friend to play a mailman)
      • or play the role myself
    • avoid human interiors

Rocky cooks

  • Chinese food
    • spring roll (DIY?)
  • Matcha tea
    • not cooking! (cross the logo or include it in another episode)
  • vegan burger patties (DIY?)
  • 'Rocky buying in a store' scene?

New Series

  • Traveler Rocky
    • nature
    • green hiking paths
    • looking for berries
    • testing city parks
    • Logo: written on a case
  • Rocky abroad
    • Kanada
    • Logo: Flugzeug + Landesflagge
  • Rocky bakes
    • vegan cakes, cupcakes?
  • Rocky helps
    • rethink title
    • picking strawberries, apples
    • mowing the lawn
      • by just eating gras…


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