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-====== ​ChrisWiki Homepage ​====== +====== ​Welcome to my wiki ======
-This is a personal wiki open to the public covering several of my interests.+
-  * [[openstreetmap:vancouver|OpenStreetMap ​in Greater Vancouver]]+This is a place for me to take notes on hobby projects and collect URLs to existing content. 
 +I also have a [[https://​|blog]] and a page for you to [[https://​​about|contact me]]. 
 +Check out the [[projects:​start|list of projects]]. 
 +===== Current projects ===== 
 +Updated: 2019-Jun-16 
 +  * [[osm_vancouver|OpenStreetMap ​data analysis for the Greater Vancouver, BC area]] 
 +  * [[web_of_things|Web of Things]] 
 +  * [[roller_coaster_challenge|Scripts around ThinkFun Roller Coaster Challenge]]
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